How Do You Move Past Rejection? A Writer Reflects

Very interesting article in dealing with rejections. For some people getting rejected makes them question themselves and their worth. For other rejection makes them stronger and makes them work harder to accomplish their goals. Everyone goes through rejection at one point in their life, rejections comes in different forms. It all part of the human experience and how you deal with it determines your self growth


Death Penalty

I was watching a show yesterday in regards to the death penalty. A lawyer was trying to save his client from the death penalty. There was a guy on there that was adamant on keeping the death penalty and was going bizark on the protesters who were protesting the death penalty. His argument was that if you kill you should be killed. The protester simply said the death penalty is a cruel punishment, if the person is already jailed for what they are doing. Now with that I was thinking about who is really the killer in that situation. When someone kill someone they are labelled a killer. So now i ask a question the law that sentence someone to death, will they not be labelled killers as well. If you say do not kill or commit horrendous crimes. I believe everyone should pay the price for the crimes they commit, but who is to say one is right over the other.